State of love and trust promo reel / filmed by The costa sisters


Hi! Iā€™m Alex,

Creative / Photographer / Roadie to my kids


truth be told, I fell into wedding photography through an old job, but as soon as I started shooting THEM I CAUGHT THE LOVE BUG HARD.  I hadn't been to many weddings as a guest prior to this time in my life, SO the second I STARTED experiencING THESE rooms full of love on the reg I WAS SOLD ON IT: hook, line and sinker.

taking pictures and love are two of my favourite things on the planeT so i'm living my best life when I get to combine the two.

it gives me such a rush when someone digs me and my work enough to commit to me as their photog, because choosing the right wedding photographer you is such  a big deal:

It's a State of Love & Trust āœŒšŸ¼



I live near the beach on the coast of north east lincolnshire

I am in love with seattle despite the fact i've yet to visit - It genuinely feels like my soul place

I was in a marching band from ages 15-19

both of my children's names are a nod to musicians:

Dexter Buckley [Jeff] + Remy Jamerson [James Jamerson]

one of my favourite things in the world to do by myself is sit in a coffee house, headphones in and work

my favourite film of all time is cameron crowe's singles

I can play trumpet and piano: If I could master one skill overnight it would be lounge piano

(I also wish I could shred on guitar)

I used to design and screen print tees for my brand haus of mono

I feel out of balance when i spend long periods of time away from the Coast

Enthusiast Of


music: my soul food




taking pictures

the coast

intersectional feminism & women supporting women

mid century design  / googie architecture



Gigs & festivals

newquay (my favourite uk destination)

Taken by  Lauren Gordon

Taken by Lauren Gordon




We'll start out by having a chat in person or via skype to see if we make a good fit, and if we are, we'll get straight to the pinterest board.  What'RE YOUR favourite THINGS? YOUR FAVE colours? What pieces of yourselves are you Incorporating into your day?  What are your favourite songs?

I'm unconventional, creative by nature and a visual storyteller, which means i'm always brainstorming + looking for expressive ways to present my couple's stories to themselves and to the world.  

MY goal for THE BIG SHOW is to capture your true authentic selves, and my UNOBTRUSIVE, relaxed documentary approach to my work is how I capture this.





- A FRIEND WHO'S just as excited as you are about your day [THAT PROBABLY ALREADY STARTED THE PINTEREST BOARD]

[Cards on the table: being asked to document someone's wedding day is on par with being proposed to]

- a creative/visual storyteller hell bent on crafting badass imagery for you frame by frame